Sugar Tables has specially designed a variety of looks to make your event all the more incredible. You’re the main attraction and we’ll just swoop in to add the colour and fun. And best of all? Our fun is edible.

All you have to do is select a design from our visually stunning and super stylish collections to suit your event theme. Sugar Tables will do the rest. Plan your menu from our delectable list of sweets and desserts, and you won’t need to worry about anything else. You can even choose gluten free, sugar free or regular candy.


Sleek and modern, we’ll put the black and white into your unique Sugar Table. Think licorice bites, vanilla macaroons, metallic Belgian chocolate buttons, blackberry gums and gourmet marshmallows!



Colour, colour, colour! Your event is screaming fun and calls for a flash of neon pink, acid yellow or vibrant blue. We can either create neon treats, or just decorate the table in blazes of bright hues. Sweet treats from blueberry and strawberry bon bons, neon jelly sweets, licorice allsorts and passion fruit and lemon macaroons.



It doesn’t have to be the Spring/Summer season to enjoy florals. Daisies, peonies, tulips, daffodils; we take the colours and shapes of the English garden and transform them into a blooming, edible Sugar Table. We’ll create a range of flavours and textures using flying saucers, speckled chocolate eggs, candy necklaces and mint creams just to name a few.



Nothing says cool rock chick like streaks of silver or gold. We’ll metallicise your Sugar Table through cupcakes donning edible spikes, metallic chocolate almonds, silver or gold chocolate dragées and golden macaroons, finished off with succulent chocolate coated strawberries.



Do you want your Sugar Table to have a festival vibe? Think beads that you can eat, trippy colours, fringed décor and gluten free goodies a plenty. We’ll serve up red velvet cupcake jars, vanilla cakepops, fruity jelly candies, coca cola bottles, assorted toffee and chocolate éclairs – all coordinating, of course.



Nothing puts the British into an event than a Sugar Table bedecked in the union jack with ample British classics piled up to nosh on: rock candy, retro sweets, Haribo cherries, cupcake cones, Jelly Babies, blackberries, raspberries and more.