Sugar Tables London creates bespoke treat tables, party favours and customised candy. Stacked up high on a table of your choice, designer glassware is heaped with confectionery from some of the world’s finest sweet makers; from old retro favourites, to gourmet marshmallows and luxury vanilla macaroons, Sugar Tables offers an extensive list of treats hand-picked by you to make your event taste that much sweeter.

Perfect for launch parties, fashion presentations, press days, birthdays, weddings, corporate events and baby showers, a tailor-made Sugar Table devised by one of our confectionery specialists will serve as the perfect centre piece to any party, sugar coating your event with colour, edible fun and a touch of childhood nostalgia. Our broad range of candy and irresistible desserts is guaranteed to make guests feel festive and our take home gift bags ensure that everyone goes home with a memory of you and your extraordinary event.

For us it’s all about the details – simply choose a look from our collection and plan your menu from our delectable list of desserts and sweets. We’ll take it all from there.

We display all of the sweets and desserts on our tables in the most luxurious glassware and use décor to complement.

Want something that’s not in our collection? If you dream it, we will create it.

We also supply wholesale confectionaries for our clients.


Meet the lady behind the sugar.

Ann Moye has always had a sweet spot for art, design and fashion. Couple this with her love of confections and delectable desserts and you have Sugar Tables London; a brand vision that was left to simmer while Ann locked down a BA in law and sociology – providing the right backbone to her saccharine business. “The idea of presenting sweets in a visually stunning way with gorgeous trims, designer glassware and impeccable style was something I had to pursue. Creating an tantalising and mouthwatering focal point at an event is not only fun, it’s splendid to see how much people enjoy themselves,” says Ann. Established in 2013 and based in London, Sugar Tables offers its expert confectionery services throughout England.